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  • Think you can help on information on the following?

    • PowerClip
    • Range Shot
    • Razorbeast
    • Sneak Shot
    • Stinging Scarab
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    • Ok stinging scarab is 1996 copyright, powerclip is 1999, rangeshot 1998, razorbeast 1994, sneak shot 1994, I'll see if I can get pics later.

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    • when you have time, could you give details on the blasters?

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    • Well, the rangeshot fires from the top red barrel and you prime it by pulling the black handle thing on the front. The barrel can change positions to shoot at an angle, but the range doesn't change, around 15-20 feet, it overall sucks and the only thing I like about it is the looks.

      The razorbeast is fun to use, but it's size makes it somewhat impractical. It isn't heavy but it is very bulky, bigger than a longshot, but smaller than the stampede. The chain breaks really easily and it gets in the way all the time. The crank is a little hard to use, but it's still usable. It fires really far considering it uses mega darts, around 40-45 feet. It is very accurate below 25 feet after that it's hard to hit anything. It can fire up to around 3 darts per second if you practice using it. It is a good blaster to have because it's pretty good and it is also pretty hard to find one.

      The powerclip is a beast, it fires 10 darts in about a second or maybe less. Range is good around 50-55 feet, and it is very accurate. It is also made of plastic of similar quality to the n-strike line, unlike the razorbeast, sneak shot, range shot, which feel like their gonna break because they are made of cheap plastic. It takes around 10-12 pumps to fully prime the powerclip, less than the magstrike, rf20, etc but the clip is not removable so it is only good for small wars.

      I'll do the other ones sometime this week. Hope I helped.

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  • do you have time to chat anytime soon?

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  • back to the merge discussion, could you clarify (on the appropriate thread) which idea that you think would benefit the NIC more (split non nerf or a central wiki). sorry for pressing the issue, its just that next week RNN is back and finishing this discussion without him would be easier than with as when he does come back; i can assure you that some form of disruptive action will take place...

    like jet said, it does get annoying when the issue is pressed or multiple reminders... if you are on winter break and have time, could you send those images and the requested blaster details sometime soon?

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  • Just wanted to let you know that if discussion doesn't pick back up by the end of next week then no general consensus will have been achieved and the proposal will be considered to be a failure. there won't be any point in letting discussion run with no progress made. as such the temporary turning off of wiki features need to be turned back on when this discussion ends. so if no one wishes to continue this discussion, then let's move on.

    • if you guys want to continue discussion, please post your answers to the questions asked by me & GG and add in an effort to start negotiation regarding what you guys want out of it.
    • additionally, we also have the user promotions to deal with.
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  • when you get a chance, could you email it to me at

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  • If you have not already voted in the poll, it would be highly appreciated if you do. here is a link to the thread in question:

    If you already voted, then you can ignore this reminder as the poll will close within 2 weeks of the poll start.

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  • First, i want to ask you on your opinions on the policies i have so far and if you have any suggested changes. these were mostly based off experience from Nerf Wiki though a bit has been removed.

    Second is user promotions, i want to ask you which of the following methods that you prefer?

    • templates using "support", "neutral", "oppose" - these have been created
    • headers: support, neutral, oppose, comments

    also i want to ask, do you like the message wall and article comments better than the normal user talk pages and article talk pages?

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    • understandable, no worries. help out when ever you got time :) live your life to the fullest

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    • This reply has been removed
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  • Hi, welcome to Dart Blaster Encyclopedia! Thanks for your edit to the Dart Blaster Encyclopedia page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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